Admission Criteria

Ezra University is committed to the training of men and women for Christian leadership, both lay and clerical. Because of this commitment, we seek to admit persons whose motivation, character, and aptitude are in keeping with this purpose. The application process is designed to help you and determine your readiness for Christian College. The admissions process is designed to help ensure that individuals who enter our program will complete it.


Applicant Assessment

Ezra University evaluates an applicant’s readiness in the following four areas:


Spiritual Readiness

Applicants must show a consistent lifestyle that reflects biblical character and spiritual growth. The reference forms submitted on your behalf by Christian friends and by your pastor (or your pastor’s designee) help us assess your spiritual readiness. Our intent is not to be legalistic or exclusive. Because of the rigors of ministerial training, it is essential that we see a certain degree of spiritual consistency in your life.

Ezra University is a Christian college; we require that you honor and understand the mission, vision, goal and doctrinal statement of Ezra University.


Academic Readiness

Applicants must have sufficient educational background to enable them to perform at the college level. A high school diploma or GED (General Education Development) is required for admission.


Physical Readiness

Health is an important factor in being able to maintain attendance, earn satisfactory grades, engage in ministry, sustain employment, and meet other demands of a college schedule. We encourage that students show a proof of physical examination by a licensed physician and have proof of medical insurance. Prospective students with chronic, debilitating, or infectious physical conditions must inform the Admissions Officer of their situation during the application process in order to receive appropriate guidance. The same requirement applies to prospective students with emotional disorders, psychological disorders, or learning disabilities.


Financial Readiness

Applicants will be evaluated with regard to their ability to meet the financial demands of attending Ezra University. The University does not yet quality for federal grants and loans.

May 2024
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