Mission, Vision, and Institutional Objectives

Our Mission

The mission of Ezra University is to educate students to be leaders to serve communities by using their learned skills and professions in the areas of biblical studies, ministry and business administration.


Our Vision

The vision of Ezra University is to educate Christian leaders to serve and transform the world for Christ at every level – from the local church and community levels to the realm of world culture. The fulfillment of this vision inspires, orients, and defines the work of this institution.


Institutional Objectives

1. Ezra University is committed to ensuring the quality of the program and maintaining its curriculum that contains biblical perspectives and Christian values so that students who complete the program can demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of Christian doctrine.

2. Ezra University seeks to foster a positive learning environment and support services where students are encouraged and motivated for growth in such a way that students who complete the program can demonstrate awareness and life-long commitment to their personal, vocational and academic potential.

3. Ezra University offers courses and training that are essential for ministry and careers so that at the end of the programs, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills for vocational success in ministry or in business and to enhance skills within their current careers.

4. Ezra University is devoted to equipping students with leadership skills, sensitivity to different culture, and attitude of service so that students who complete the program can demonstrate cultural sensitivity, leadership in ministry or in career and attitude of service for church and community.

5. Ezra University continues to instill and promote biblical and ethical standards among its academic community so that students who complete the program will be able to demonstrate and apply biblical and ethical standards in personal lifestyle and career.

May 2024
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