Master of Divinity

Program Description

The Master of Divinity program (3 years program – 128 units)is designed to equip dedicated Christians for various ministries in the church setting, including the ordained ministries of instruction and leadership in the church. This program emphasizes developing the capacity to study and communicate the Christian scriptures and the theological traditions and the capacity to model and facilitate Christian spiritual formation and communal practices.


Program Learning Outcomes

By the time students complete the program, they will become pastors, assistant pastor, minister of Word and Sacrament, lay leader in serving the church and leader in the Christian-related organization and the world with confidence and competency with the following skills and knowledge:
1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and exegetical and theological skills.
2. Demonstrate an ability to integrate faith in their life and professional ministry
3. Demonstrate evangelical aspect of the world mission and cultural diversity in that students continue to be disciplined.
4. Demonstrate ministry and pastoral skills to lead congregation and church.


Admission Requirements

Anyone possessing a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent meets the basic academic requirement for admission to the program. See the section on admissions criteria, earlier in this catalog, for additional requirements.

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the Master of Divinity program:

Applicants for admission must hold a Bachelor of Arts or equivalent degree from university or college with at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (4.00 scale). The following documents must be submitted to the office of admission by the appropriate deadline:

1. A completed application form for admission
2. Application fee
3. Official Transcripts
4. Recommendation Form


Program Requirements
History Requirement: 16 units
Biblical Studies Requirement: 48 units
Practical Theology Requirement: 20 units
Electives: 44 units
Unit Requirement: a minimum of 128 units
Residence Requirement: 64 units to be taken at Ezra University


Course of Study: 84 units



Course Title


(4 courses)
HIS 305 Church History I (4 units)


HIS 306 Church History II (4 units)
HIS 405 History of Presbyterian Movement (4 units)
HIS 415 History of Renaissance and Reformation (4 units)
Biblical Studies & Theology
(12 courses)
OT 301 Theology of the OT (4 units)  


OT 315 Introduction to the Prophets (4 units)
NT 301 Introduction to the NT (4 units)
NT 205 Life and Teachings of Christ (4 units)
NT 305 Pauline Epistles (4 units)
THE 401 Systematic Theology I (4 units)
THE 402 Systematic Theology II (4 units)
THE 415 Apologetics (4 units)
THE 425 Contemporary Theology I (4 units)
THE 426 Contemporary Theology II (4 units)
THE 511 Biblical Theology I (4 units)
THE 512 Biblical Theology II (4 units)
Practical Theology (Choose 5 courses) ED 415 Church Administration (4 units)


POSC 415 Modern Political Thought (4 units)
PRA310 Church Finance (4 units)
PRA400 Christian Worship (4 units)
PRA 410 Homiletics (4 units)
PRA411 Preaching (4 units)
PRA412 Mission (4 units)
PRA 415 Practical Counseling (4 units)
PRA505 Evangelism (4 units)
PRA507 Pastoral Leadership (4 units)
PRA 551 Supervised Field Ministry I (4 units)
PRA 552 Supervised Field Ministry II (4 units)
PRA 553 Supervised Field Ministry III (4 units)
PSY402 Christian Counseling (4 units)
PSY 415 Pastoral Counseling
PSY 425 Counseling for Marriage and Family (4 units)




Electives: 44 units
Electives may be drawn from any of the categories above.

Graduation Requirements:

1)   Completion of 128 quarter units
2)   Completion of the course work with a GPA of 2.5 or above.
3)   Demonstration of competence in Ministry Skills
4)   Passing Exit interview

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