Official Notification (June 1, 2021)

Official Notification (June 1, 2021)

As you may know it, Ezra University was established with a vision to equip students with excellent programs and to educate leaders to serve communities for the last decades. However, the COVID 19 Pandemic has challenged the entire world and Ezra University was also significantly affected by it.

Some of our students had stopped pursuing their degree programs and went back to their countries and the financial situation of the majority of our students disallowed them to study anymore. During the Pandemic, we have lost a lot of students and supporters whereas we barely received any governement support. Also, the student enrollment significantly decreased during this time, and we did not have any new enrollment in the past several quarters.

Though we tried everything to recover from the Covid 19 Pandemic damage, we are also facing a new challenge for the new wave of third Covid Pandemic (Delta Variance). And because of the number of students, faculty and staff expressing their concern and fear, we cannot accommodate any concurrent face to face sessions that are required by SEVP.

Therefore, the Board has voted to focus on local students who do not have any concern for maintaining their nonimmigrant status abd withdraw our I-17 certification. Now this decision may affect some of the international students who need to maintain their F-1 status and enroll full-time courses.

In accordance with our mission, Ezra University will continue to offer currently available programs to all our students through online format and local students. But international students may take the class at their own risk because you must maintain your I-20 status which we intend to withdraw and focus on local students and online education.

So, to all our students, we are suggesting the following options. You may choose what’s best and meet your needs.


1. You may continue to enroll in our program and finish the program as your option. We will provide our classes to anyone but through an online format.

2. If you are a local citizen or green card holder or if you plan to go back to your own country, you may continue to enroll in our program and finish the program and earn your degree.

3. If you are an international student, your priority is to maintain your status. Of course, if you opt to pursue your degree program through an online format at our institution, you may do so. However, you ought to provide evidence of a green card or I-20 that is issued from another SEVP-certified institution along with letter of permission that you can take class at our institution. Please contact SEVP about enrolling multiple institutions at the same time. You may enroll concurrently in two or three institutions as long as you have a valid I-20 and maintain your full-time status.

4. As an option, and if you want, we may guide you to transfer to other peer and accredited institutions that may accept all your credit upon the discretion of their transfer policy and help you continue to finish your program.

5. We have the academic advisor and front desk staff that are available anytime to give you guidance so that you can choose the best option that is available to you.

You are special to us. And we will continue to serve you. Please contact us at anytime through email, phone call or through zoom. If you want to visit in person, you may arrange the appointment with the advisor at your earliest convenience.


President Ted Namgoong

cc- Dean of Academics, Board of Directors, Dean of Students, Registrar, PDSO


Due to internal construction, we are only accepting online applications.