Services and Activities

Housing Policies
Ezra University does not operate a dormitory or other housing facility, but will assist students in locating adequate housing near the campus. Some students find housing in a local residence hotel; others share an apartment, or rent a room from members of a local church.

Ezra University does not operate a cafeteria. A student lounge is provided for students who wish to bring their meals from home.

We encourage you to form student-led clubs around common interests. Faculty and staff members are available for advice, and to help students access university resources. Typical interests include hiking, sports, and reading and discussing particular books.

Student Government
All registered students are members of the Student Association. The purpose of the student government is to promote Christian fellowship among students and to advance the kingdom of God and the mission of Ezra University. Activities of the Association are supported through a student fee and individual gifts. The officers of the Association President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer—are elected annually by the members.
The Student Council consists of three representatives from each class plus the student body president. These students serve as a “sounding board” for the administration regarding policies that affect the students. They are also responsible for planning certain student activities such as clubs and social events.

Open House
Ezra University students view College-for-a-Day (C4D) each fall and spring as opportunities to enjoy and serve prospective students who visit the campus for this open house. These visitors are invited to stay with students in the Residence Hall or apartments; classrooms are filled to capacity; the Student Council and Dean of Students plan special activities to make guests feel welcome. We encourage you to welcome these visitors and to pray with them as they seek God’s will for their life.

Chapel Ministry
Student-led worship teams are responsible for planning and leading music and other creative arts during the chapel services. If you are musically talented, you may be asked to share a vocal or instrumental special during these services. Student-led media teams oversee audio and video equipment for chapel services and special events. If you are interested in serving in one of these areas and would like to receive training, contact the Dean of Students.

Student Ministry
It isn’t surprising that, at a college dedicated to training for ministry, many student activities result from students engaging in ministry. As a student at Ezra University , you are required to participate in a ministry, typically through your local church. (See the Academic Information section of this catalog for details.) Student ministry is much more than a requirement it is the heartbeat of men and women who are ready to give their lives to serving the Lord, His Church, and the world. While engaging in ministry, you will also enjoy fellowship and develop friendships that may last a lifetime.

Academic Computer Lab
Whenever possible, we encourage you to bring your own computer to Ezra University . If you do not have a computer, or if you are away from your computer when you need to type a paper or conduct research, you are welcome to use the resources of the Academic Computer Lab. The Lab offers full Internet access, and word processing capabilities.
Bringing Your Own Computer

Additional Information
Additional information regarding student life at Ezra University is available in the Student Handbook. You will receive a copy of this handbook with your letter of acceptance. The handbook is also available from the Dean of Students. Upon acceptance, you will be asked to sign a statement confirming that you have read the Student Handbook and are willing to comply with the policies it contains.

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