A sense of calling

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was an expert of the law. This man has a plethora of knowledge ranging from ancient Greek philosophy to Hebrew religion. It’s not easy to guess that this young man tried hard in his life to earn the knowledge of truth by every effort he could possibly make. Yes, as a human being, he could have put his life in perspective, and he figured it out that he cannot earn the immortality no matter what. That’s when he heard about a man from Galilee and preaching about a heaven.

He was curious and want to know more about it. Being afraid of standing in public, he decided to show up at night to meet him in person. Then, he asked, “Teacher, what must I do to inherit “eternal life?” This implies that this young man can grasp anything with exception of immortality. Without hesitation, a teacher threw two questions: What’s in the Bible and how do you read it?

A first question is an invitation to the one of the most interesting books in the world. A second question is about a method of reading that will make a difference. A subject of the Bible has not much difference between the old traditional pastor to young progressive scholars. But what makes a difference is how you read it. What method do you use? How do you know that your approach is valid? How do you know your method of reading is trustworthy and can make a difference in its understanding?

From the time that the Bible was first written, priest, prophet, sage, scribers, and scholars continue to make sense out of the text. Some try to understand the author’s intention. Some try to make sense of what it meant in the ancient believing community. Some try to read from the reader’s life setting! While each of methods can be valid and has its own uniqueness, one thing stands out. We must read the text critically and faithfully. That is to read the Bible with honest possible question. It is also to let the Bible read me.

Going back to a man who came to throw a question, his question lacks a basic understanding. Eternal life is not earned, it is given. Such cannot be given without meeting the Giver of life. After all, it is the Lord who is the giver of our life.

In the same way, we would like to throw a question to a student of Ezra University. Some came to Ezra to improve their career skills. Some came to earn the degree. Some students came because of a great community they want to build and want to be a part of legacy. Others joined the institution for academic, social and career reasons.

Let me throw a question in light of the story. What if it is not your choice that you came to Ezra! What if it is a gift of God in due season! What if God chose you to be a part of Ezra at this time and season in life to know about him. After all, Ezrahas a Christian heritage and was founded with a mission to educate a leader to serve community and the world. What if it is the Lord who chose you! What if it is the Lord who called you to be the leader in a time like this? Have you thought about what it means to be a man and woman of Ezra?


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