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2018 Annual Grant Research Award

  As a part of our ongoing process to ensure the quality of the program, Ezra University annually gives out Annual Grant Research Award to qualified faculty and staff. In the year 2018, the award was granted to Prof. Robert Overy-Brown. He has submitted an application for this year's American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, November 17-20. He is delivering a paper, "Qualified Freedom, Qualifying Freedom: Luther's On Christian

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Sample Lecture #5
Multilingual Staffs

We have staff members that speak multiple languages here to help you. Staff members are available who speak English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, as well as other languages. Please let us know in which language you prefer to communicate, and send us your name, email and phone number. We will call or email you in the language of your choice, in order to make your first experience with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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  Ezra University has a very specific goal and mission to offer educational programs in the area of religious studies, counseling, theology and education in that we educate and equip students in such a way that they will be able to live enriched lives by fulfilling their goals and serving the community with their learned professions and skills.

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