Stay Home: Update on Coronavirus Campus Protocols

Dear Students:

In our continued efforts to protect you from any harm during this time of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are asking all students to stay at home and avoid coming to campus.  Please observe the following protocols:

1)      Any remaining classes, final exams, or the like, will be conducted through online means. Students should stay home.

2)      Next quarter, we will offer classes online.  Details about this will be sent through email prior to the start of the next quarter.

3)      Any academic or personal advising will be done through Zoom and email. For students who need to see Dr. Greenberg or Dr. Pyeon for academic advising, we will be moving to an online platform called Zoom, where you can speak with them from the safety of your own home.  The front desk will continue to make appointments for Dr. Greenberg, so please contact them directly.  If you already have an appointment scheduled, please be prepared to attend that appointment remotely, through your computer.  The front desk will give you the links for that.

4)      Students should register through Populi or through email and they should send their payment by check to the school.  Any required documentation, such as previous school transcripts or bank statements and the like should be sent by email as scanned copies; we will accept these provisionally at this time.

At this time, please send communication through email, Zoom, and by phone call—not in person.  Will refrain from providing services in person at this time.  This protocol will begin immediately, starting tomorrow.

Please let us know if there is any way we can continue to assist you at this time.  Once again, we advise staying home if at all possible.

Many blessings to you,

Arik Greenberg, Ph.D.

Dean of Academics


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