2018 Annual Grant Research Award


As a part of our ongoing process to ensure the quality of the program, Ezra University annually gives out Annual Grant Research Award to qualified faculty and staff. In the year 2018, the award was granted to Prof. Robert Overy-Brown. He has submitted an application for this year’s American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting in Denver, CO, November 17-20. He is delivering a paper, “Qualified Freedom, Qualifying Freedom: Luther’s On Christian Liberty and Questions of Political Autonomy.” In this paper, he is trying to explore the theological possibilities that could serve as interruptions to the contemporary constructions of political philosophy and their incomplete visions for human natures. We are glad that we can help him in such a way that he not only contribute to the scholarly community as well as bring that knowledge and experience to his classroom teaching at our Ezra students.


Due to internal construction, we are only accepting online applications.